all zipped up

Hello peeps! Well, my op-shopping adventure wasn't quite as bountiful as I'd hoped. My meanderings took me to Sandgate, where I did however managed to pick up a few vintage sewing supplies! I just love the packaging on these things, big bold colours and lettering. My favourite would have to be the 'Lighting' zipper – how fantastic! The packet folds out to reveal detailed sewing instructions, with pictures and all.

I also happened upon a great old fabric shop called Russell's at 45 Brighton Road (I think they've been around since the 50's) that has a great selection of cotton prints, patterns and someone behind the counter who knows their stuff. Worth a visit if you live in the area.


  1. Julia
    have you been to the Carrara markets at the Gold Coast? There are a few stalls there that sell all sorts of old haberdashery things. Worth a look.

  2. No I haven't. Might have to check it out sometime :)

  3. my grandma had a habadashery store in post-ww2 london, and we have boxes of randomly beautiful sewing untensil packages at home...I think they are the most beautiful things...