the beast

Oh, I've been a terrible blogger! Too busy actually making bags too photograph and tell you what I've been doing! Well this is the machine (well, one of them anyway) that I've been spending a bit of time in front of lately. A recent acquisition, ex-bonds factory and an absolute bargain! This hulk of a machine took 3 men (and me pointing) to lift it off the truck and into position, can sew at about a million miles an hour (it also conveniently has a speed dial which I've turned down to snail to avoid my fingers and arm becoming part of it), and sounds a little like a tank warming up. I feel I belong to a soviet sweatshop working on it...I think the dark, concrete garage definitely adds to that feeling! I'll try and post some piccies of my other machines in the near future - this one is the scariest by far!

Oh yes, the new bags are almost finished! Just need to sew the lining in place then they'll be ready for the selling. I'll post the finished photographs later this week.

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