What's Hot + What's Not

Joining in on the fun with Loobylu.

{ Hot }
  • These pizzas I made a week ago (don't worry, they haven't been sitting around since then, they were immediately consumed). Handmade dough and all...Mmm, I could easily go one of those for lunch.

  • Finishing the concept design for a freelance project that has been trickier than I first thought. Hope the client loves it!
  • Completing a fully wearable pair of wide-legged black pants, copied from a designer pair I own. Hooray for learning and saving money!
  • Seeing the amazing work of other designers and crafters on etsy and in my own crafting community. Everytime I look I'm blown away by the talent people have!
  • Getting custom bag requests from etsy.

{ Not }
  • Getting custom requests from etsy for a bag in a fabric I can no longer get my hands on.
  • Ridiculous amounts of spam emails each day. Hooray for spam filters though (spam filters = hot).
  • Not doing the homework for my patternmaking class from fortnight ago. It seemed like a good idea at the time to say I was going to copy an Issey Miyake top...
  • The state that my office is in. I'm seriously lacking storage space and have way too many projects on the go - bookbinding, sewing x3, patternmaking, freelance work, my own design work/marketing. Would the body corporate mind if I extended my unit out on the pavement to create another room?


  1. Those pizzas looks so so good. And I hear you about the multiple projects on the go and a messy work space. Mine is a nightmare. Thanks for playing this week! xx

  2. you just made me really hungry...

    sometimes I think I've made myslef too busy and can't handle the balancing of it all, but then I remember how I hate being bored!


  3. I'm the same - I can't stand having nothing to do....always doing something, crafting, cooking, studying...you name it! I think I'm hungry now too!