Sneek peek

I've just returned home from the fabulous Finders Keepers markets in Brisbane, where I bumped into the lovely Rebecca from Edward & Lilly, and Ellie from Red Seed Studio, both peddling their wonderful wares! Very impressed with the variety and quality of items for sale at these markets, here's hoping it remains a regular Brisbane event!

All the wonderful and creative products and people has inspired me to keep going on my current project. Here's a little sneek peek of something I've been working on this weekend. Hopefully have a few for sale next week...I will reveal all then!



  1. Julia they look very sweet, i love the choices of fabrics!

  2. Wow Julia they look fab, hey is that some of the lucky stash of fabric we got from Katie the other Saturday ...How funny was that..We didn't get to chat much but looking forward to the next catch up.


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  3. Thanks guys! I think fabric choice is my favorite part of the whole process! A couple of the plain coloured linings are from Katie's stash! Can't wait to catch up with everyone again at the next do! Would love to chat more Daneve :)