Bicycle goodness

It was my birthday a few weeks ago...yes, a big birthday. One that you try not to mention too much. Although I didn't blog about it I did celebrate with family and friends - nice Italian food with the family and a great cocktail party with friends. 

But the funnest part was presents (of course!). Apart from a fantastically sharp (and appropriately adult) cooks knife I got a bike (well, I get to choose one) ! I've never actually owned a bike, except for a tricycle when I was about 4. Living upon a giant hill means I need a bike with some serious gear-power, so I've gone with a roadster/hybrid looking thing (plus basket and stylish mud guards of course!). In the lead up much drooling over European-style roadsters happening, so here's a taste of the beautiful bikes I found.

Images and gorgeous bikes courtesy of Velorbis.


  1. A belated Happy Birthday (not sure if I've given my wishes or not yet...). I love those bikes, especially the last red one, how cool is that saddle bag and of course those red shoes! Mmmm... mind you, not sure I could stay on the bike if I was in those shoes and dress :)

  2. Thanks Melanie! Yes, I love the red one too! Actually I just bought a red pair pair of shoes fairly similar - it must have been in my mind subconsciously! Unfortunately there are no fantastic and stylish helmets to match :(

  3. OOOOH! Red, or powder blue, with a basket of course - just if you were asking! (and happy happy belated birthday).

  4. Oh yes Julia, the red one is so, so stylish! Hope you had a great birthday :)

  5. Oooh!!! I love the Velorbis! I was sooo drooling over them! Have you checked out the bikes on ebay? They are pricey for what they are, but the drool factor (vintage with baskets) is 10/10!

    Sending you lots of love and I can't believe your birthday was the one I think it is!!!

    AK xxx