Catchups and etsy featured seller

Hello my neglect-arinos! Sorry for my blogging absence of late, but a lot of work and sewing has been going on lately. Not to say I haven't been doing anything exciting! Thursday night was the ABCD meetup {artists/bloggers/crafters/designers} where crafty types got together over a drink or two to chat about things and meet new people. Had a great time chatting do some really lovely and hilarious girls!

Thought I'd share the wonderful work of etsy artists Jen and Vera. Very cute!

All images via jenandvera.


  1. It was great to meet you Julia! We must chat more next time...

  2. I love their artwork... especially the balloon one :) So BEAUTIFUL! I want one :) I'm off to "heart" their Etsy shop. Thanks for sharing & for blogging. I can relate to an increase in work load - that's the holidays for you :) It's such a blessing in the end.

  3. oh that sounds like so much fun! wish there was something like that here - you seems you have such an amazing network of friends and fellow arty types