my creative space/mess

It's been a busy few days working crazy hours, having a very unsettling blocked ear, while still trying to get more stock ready for the Brisbane Indie Designer Markets on the 5 Dec! Thought I'd share with you my work space (ie. the whole living room!) and the craft-plosion (craft + explosion) that seemed to have occurred over night. There are more shoulder sling bags in the making (currently in about 12 pieces each!) and some new drawstring bags.

Follow along with more (neater!) creative spaces here.


  1. hang on Julia, thats not enough information. what are these images on the fabrics - your prints????

  2. no, I wish they were! They came with the fabric :) The big grand plan is to one day be able to print my own, one day...

  3. I love the yellow bird fabric!
    great creative space & very neat indeed.