New etsy listing!

No more waiting on that sneek peek from the weekend, here's my latest sewing creation – the Yellow, navy and white spot iPhone/iPod case! There are a whole bunch of different colours and patterns to be released over the coming days. The first has just been added to my etsy store. I'd love any feedback or thoughts on this product!


  1. My husband has been asking me for days to make him a little pouch for his iphone - great inspiration here!
    {I'll make mine out of hemp, and we'll screen print it - I'll show you when it's done}.

  2. I think it is a great little Ipod pouch!Perfect to fit in your perfect bag;)

  3. This is brilliant! I want ONE! Going to check out your site... I wonder if it'd keep me from cracking my iphone screen :( I did already.


  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'm pretty excited about them (I think it must be the bright colours!).

    Oh no, cracked iphone screen sounds terrible (and expensive!). The covers are slightly padded, so should provide good protection. I have a clear plastic film over my screen too, just in case (plus you can peel it off once it gets dirty and replace it!). I have more ipod cases waiting to be listed in the next day!

  5. Perfect combination of colors and patterns! Very cute!