Just not enough relaxing

I hope you all had a wonderful xmas break and plenty of time to spend relaxing with friends and family. I seemed to have dropped off the blog radar over this festive season, but I think I can be excused, right?

Apart from eating leftovers and lounging around I've been busy booking our overseas holiday. Looking forward to doing even more relaxing, trying some tasty (and probably not so tasty!) local food and shopping in the markets! Here's a photographic taste of where I'll be!

Images via here.


  1. Oh!!! Not Japan but still equally as exciting!! I just loved Vietnam and Cambodia (and funnily, was just playing with some of my images from there. Take an empty suitcase for all the gorgeous textiles! And ahhh... the images look like they could be Sapa and Halong Bay - both magical places.

  2. I can't wait to get there! It'll be so much funny, and so different, a nice change :) I'm a bit scared about how much I might possibly buy...fabrics and other bag making supplies for sure! :)