I've finally finished the new bags! After a late night at the beast not 5, but 6 new bags were completed. All the charcoal and black bags, as well as the yellow on the end (look familiar? Some of that yellow corduroy finally got used) are all newbies, and will hopefully be posted on etsy tomorrow for sale (I'll keep you posted when they are up). The other (apart from the blue, red and white which is going to a lovely home) are currently for sale. I hope they all end up in lovely new homes instead of hanging in a line on my door.


  1. your bags are lovely! although all the fabrics are delightful, i especially love the charcoal/leaves ones, oh and not to forget the wonderful ruffle purse which i have been eyeing off :)

  2. Thanks Amy :) I've just finished photographing them all so will hopefully post full pics later today and pop them all onto etsy soon.