Card crazy

I've been trying to get my business card sorted for my graphic design business for sometime now, but it seems that I cannot for the life of me settle on a single design. I think I am my own worst client! The more I research, the more ideas I have. I think I'll just have to settle with what I have...for the time being anyway :) Here are some great cards and stationery I've found along the way which I thought I'd share.

All images are the work of Coöp.


  1. i hear ya! i've whipped up bc's in no time for clients, but me - it's been two years and counting! a designer's bc is a tiny portfolio, it's so important, no wonder we can never settle on anything :D

  2. I've had them before and made them in no time...but now I'm certainly dragging my heels! Torn between the cutesy boutique look and corporate slick...dilemmas!